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a split decision on super tuesday. mitt romney taking six states, including the big prize, ohio. and, of course, he's winning the delegate count, but he can't seem to shift the perception game to send the message that he's a winner. and so the race goes on. >> tonight we're doing some counting. we're counting up the delegates for the convention and it looks good, and we're counting down the days until november and that looks even better. >> romney is winning the numbers game, but rick santorum captured tennessee, oklahoma and north dakota. and what's key, came in second in ohio by just 1%. >> we're going to get at least a couple gold medals and a whole passel full of silver medals. when they thought, okay, he's finally finished, we keep coming back. >> and don't forget, newt gingrich, who launched what he wants to be, his own comeback, winning his home state of georgia, although he couldn't manage even second in any other state. >> you just can't quite get across to them, it's all right. there are lots of bunny rabbits that run through. i'm the tortoise. >> joining me, david and
steele. michael, romney's line to his donors in new york city went something like this. it's going to be a long road, but we're winning the most delegates and we're going to be the nominee. kind of like what he said in an interview yesterday. >> right. >> by the way, last night i got more delegates than anybody else. so this is a process of becoming the nominee. we're pursuing that. some who are very conservative may not yet be in my camp, but they will be when i become the normal anemia and face barack obama. >> is that the right message? >> it is. they want to know, you know, how sure are you about the footing you have ragt now? how are you doing in your delegate count? what's your burn rate so far? how much are you taking in? >> did you take that at all to say to those other people to mean the conservatives who have supported rick santorum or newt gingrich, you're not going to have a choice. you're going to have to come over to me in november. >> keep in mind, he's talking to people who are supporting him, so that's a different conversation than the one you're going to have when
i'm chris jansing. ed in end, it wasn't even close. mitt romney crushed rick santorum in illinois last night with almost 50% of the vote, a decisive victory that has the romney campaign calling him the inevitable nominee again with his sights set on president obama. >> it's time to say these words, this word -- enough. we've had enough. we know our future. we know our future is brighter than these troubled times. we still believe in america. and we deserve a president who believes in us. and i believe in the american people. >> dave whigle and josh marshall join us. gentlemen, good morning. >> good morning. >> josh, good to have you here on set. for all intents and purposes, is the race for the republican nomination over this morning? >> yes. but it's been over for weeks. the question has only been how damaged is mitt romney going to be when he gets to tampa? and i think this holds out the possibility that he can really kind of shut this down and start taking the next few months to refocus on obama and start repairing some of the damage that this bizarre struggle with a fourth-tie
hear mr. romney talk about this, i think his daddy must be turning over in his grave. >> i'm here today to tell you that i'm endorsing mitt romney in his candidacy for the presidency of the united states. >> moderates do not have the best chance of winning because they don't inspire with conviction. >> rick santorum is a nice guy but he's an economic lightweight. >> i'm the one candidate on our side who runs on really big ideas. romney was the kind of guy who would have fired christopher columbus. >> what do you feel like when you hear 4,000 people chanting your name? >> i almost feel embarrassed. i wonder why they come. >> good morning. i'm chris jansing. and after that wild week, can you believe all that was just in the last week? it's here. super tuesday, biggest prize so far in this tumultuous republican presidential contest. voting is under way right now. 11 states holding primaries or caucuses. 424 delegates are at stake, as well as the all-important perception of who is best equipped to challenge president obama in november? mitt romney has fought back in ohio and tennessee, both
they are the most conservative. tonight could put another notch in mitt romney's belt or continue his questions to rally the republican faithful. >>> nbc's mark murray is joining us now, and ari melbur writes for the nation. we have been saying for a couple weeks now if mitt romney wins it will finally silence his critics. is tonight that important, ari? >> good morning to y'all as they say in the south. i think what's happened here is we know presidential politics are unfair and the goalposts are moving for rick santorum. there was a lot of attention on him making this argument. whether he does decent in southern states, which i'm give mitt romney some credit, it is a home game for santorum, not because of geography but because of social conservative issues, i don't think a strong showing is going to up-end the gop establishment that this is romney's. >> okay, so he's been eating grits and saying y'all. here's some reaction from regular folks in the south. >> when they start talking about grits and biscuits and gravy, it seems like they are kind of talking up to us. >> i don't think anyone is
the race. a new wall street journal poll shows republicans are starting to fall in behind mitt romney. but it's come at a price for the gop. first the horse race. romney scores 38%. rick santorum is at 32%. >> having just won five contests in a row now suggests i'm getting greater support. that's because people want to see someone replace barack obama. >> our poll suggests that republicans have been badly damaged by the nomination fight. 40% now have a less favorable opinion of the gop. and as to describe the rice in one word, they said unenthusiastic and depressed. for rick santorum, tomorrow is arguably his make or break moment. >> i think we're doing fine. but look. every time you get to these races and governor romney goes out there and outspends you four to one, it's going to take a toll. this is a game of survival. >> joining me today is susan page and joe cohnson. good morning. >> good morning. >> there are signs that tea partiers and the most conservative republicans are starting to coalesce behind mitt romney. but should he be concerned about the damage this race is doing. hi
as the nominee of this party, you must vote for mitt romney. >>> clarence, we'll start with you. you see that video, that takes some shots from santorum from times years back. how will voters react to that video now that romney is using it? will they see him as being hypocritical here? >> well, for santorum's sake, he can hope that the voters have short memories about how romney was the conservative candidate four years ago. this year he's viewed by much of a party much too moderate. it shows how much the party has been moved to the right. that's important in i willinois which traditionally has been a great state for moderates. santorum has a chance of giving romney a big shot there in that state or romney could continue his momentum. >> the issue of mitt romney, the front-runners being called into question in terms of how soon he will take up that status. the front page of the "new york times" yesterday hitting on that point, talking about how the candidates are preparing for a brokered convention even though here is what john mccain and rnc chairman said earlier. >> i don't th
four men are still competing to be the nominee. of course, mitt romney's got the delegate lead, but is still trying to show he can win in the south. so now he's pouring time and money into southern states. meantime, supporters of rick santorum are arguing repeatedly that newt gingrich needs to get out of the race, but it doesn't look like anyone is dropping out. >> i'm not saying i don't want him to get out. if he wants to get out, i'm all for him getting out, i'm for everybody getting out. i wish president obama would hand me the thing. >> i'm staying in the race because i believe it's impossible for the moderate to win the general election. >> i'm prepared to fight all the way to become the nominee. >> well, joining me now from "new york times," gentlemen, good morning. nick, what do you think the chances are newt gingrich drops out? >> immediately, very, very low. and, you know, he -- there's a real incentive to stay in. not because he's going to win the nomination, but because it gives him leverage. it gives him influence and future speaking gigs. and this is -- you know, t
super tuesday, we call every tuesday super. mitt romney is in new york city for a wednesday -- series of fundraisers. karen, what do you say to people in that room. yeah, i didn't win. i can't win in the deep south but look at the delegate map. >> yeah. he has a tough, tough, tough row to hoe. i guess eating the cheesy grits came off cheesy in the south. they didn't buy t he has an authenticity problem. i don't know how he's going to make that up and what he'll say to the folks about giving up more money. it's clear, you come in third and you're the front-runner in both of those southern states. you cannot win the south, you cannot win the nomination. i call for a brokered convention a couple of weeks ago. i called for it. >> yeah. let me play for you what romney said last night. this was on cnn before the results came in. let's play that. >> senator santorum is at the desperate end of his campaign and is trying in some way to boost his prospects and frankly, misrepresenting the truth is not a good way of doing that. >> well, i mean, he calls him desperate, david. it does seem to me t
see this when mitt romney puts forward a very weak statement about rush limbaugh saying those aren't the words he would use. what are the words he would use to describe sandra fluke in the gross and horrible terms? i think the real issue is that you have seen the intense partisan nature of this debate really reflecting badly on the gop and they have been willing to put this face forward, rush limbaugh, on the issue has meant that women have woken up and recognized basic health protections that the republican party stands against them. >> the republican party response is not a huge concern, the real women's issue in the campaign is the economy, we just heard ann romney talking about the cost of milk and gas. a new washington post poll shows gas prices are hurting the president. what do you think, ez za, ezra, are the cultural wars creating something more significant long term? >> first, i like neera's coining of rush law for rush limbaugh. we have seven to eight months until the election and will this issue decline quickly or will people forget about it in six months? will people be
>>> good friday morning. i'm chris jansing. endorsements piling up for mitt romney. wisconsin could be rick santorum's last stand. mitt romney leading by seven points in that state. romney's super pac is pounding santorum again. s it's spending $3 million in wisconsin on ads. >> in 20 years in washington, santorum voted to raise the debt limit five times. and for billions of wasteful spending including the bridge to nowhere. santorum voted against national right to work -- >> i want to bring in chris hayes host of "up" and michael scherrer who wrotes for the caucus. good morning. >> good morning. >> this seems to be like a boxing match where one guy is on the mad and the count's go on with the ref but he keeps getting up. is santorum going to keep getting up forever, chris? >> it seems to me mathematically, look at the delegate allocation, it is no longer really that possible for plaus -- it's possible but not plausible that santorum can get the amount of delegates to get the nomination. it is possible, though the possibility is diminishing he can prevent romney from getting outrigh
social issues, contraception, etc. and mitt romney committing gaps that only emphasize how wealthy he is and perhaps out of touch with the average voter. those are the kind of stereotypes that don't help them at all. it helps president obama. >> rick santorum was speaking on the campaign trail. you know he likes to talk. i heard one mention of the economy. for sure he barely mentioned the economy. he talked about social issues and obama care. here is what mitt romney said about it yesterday. >> rick santorum is a nice guy but an economical light weight. he doesn't understand what it takes to make an economy work on a personal basis. >> good message for mitt romney do you think? >> i think romney is getting dragged down by this, as well. there has always been a gender gap between democrats and republicans. already it seems to be expanding this year. i think that as long as santorum keeps talking and republicans keep talking about issues like the contraception mandate and blunt amendment which snared romney himself and the ultrasound issues that have come up, i wonder if that is not goi
day. ♪ >>> this has been a very good and a very bad 24 hours for mitt romn romney. he got the endorsement everyone wanted jeb bush. but a top aid suggests that the conservative positions that are leading romney to the nomination, could change as quickly as a 1950s era toy. >> he set a reset button. it's almost like an etch a sketch, you shake it up and you start all over again. >> that was just too good for republican rivals to pass up. >> imagine, had mitt romney been around at the time we were drafting our constitution, he would have just taken it and shaken it up when it appears to be rewrite it. >> every time mitt romney flip-flops to have -- if we're dumb enough to nominate him, we have to accept that in the nomination speech he legal move directly back to the left. >> good to see both of you. it seems almost every time mitt romney, not just a big win, then it gets followed up by a gaft. does it just re-enforce that image of flip-flopper? >> it's been covered to death over the last 24 hours, and you can already predict there will be an etch a sketch ad in the general
, and we saw in iowa where they announced romney was the winner and then all of a sudden we found santorum won. nobody said, oh, was it voter i.d.? and those caucuses. is this voter suppression? that's why we're marching because we won the right to vote 47 years ago marching selma to montgomery. we must protect the right to vote by being against all forms of voter suppression and we see these over 30 states is engaged in voter suppression because there is no fraud that they're trying to combat here. >> reverend al sharpton, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> so let's bring in our panel now. richard bloomingdale is the president of the pennsylvania afl-cio. joy ann reed is the managing editor of the and crystal ball is an msnbc contributor and democratic strategist. richard, let me begin with a fellow pennsylvanian, when i go to vote, sir, in montgomery county, i sign my name. is that enough of a precaution? is that enough of a legitimacy check in our state? >> absolutely, michael. and thank you for having me on the show. you know, for, god, years it's been plenty.
's perspective is they are seeing what is happening on the super pac era in terms of mitt romney. and they see themselves facing a tsunami of million-dollar donors. and they are worried about that. they want to raise a lot of money. >> can you make up that kind of money, robert, with small donors? can you make up that money if somebody is giving $250? >> you're going to have to. super pacs are not only the part this equation. you see mitt romney who relied on big donors. he's turning to small donors asking for some money because they will survive the long haul. but also for the general election. >> statistics are fascinating. $63 million raised through january by mitt romney. only 9% of that was $200 or less. here's the problem i see. you're one of the richest candidates who has ever run. you're saying thing its like my wife is driving two cadillacs. how easy is it for somebody to say please send me $10? >> it's going to be tough in a primary for mitt romney to make an argument for $3 when he's worth millions of dollars. but mitt romney's goal right now when he solicited small donations is to
for president? well, mitt romney used illinois as a back drop for a big economic speech. he has campaigned in springfield and peoria and talked about jobs and the economy. in a state with an unemployment rate above the national average -- look at that 9.4% -- it is the economy and a comment by rick santorum that touched off the latest verbal battle. >> i don't care what the unemployment rate is going to be. it doesn't matter to me. my campaign doesn't hinge on unemployment rates and growth rates. there's something more foundational that's going on here. >> i'm concerned about the people that are out of work. one of the people who is running also for the republican nomination today said he doesn't care about the unemployment rate, that doesn't bother me him. i do care. it does bother me. i want to get people back to work. >> what i said was that the unemployment rate, it didn't matter what it was between now and election time because the fundamental issue that's causing the unemployment, that's causing the economic distress in our country is the fact that the government is imposing its will
>> mitt romney, rick santorum, and newt gingrich. these guys have a fundamentally different economic philosophy than we do. simply stated. we're about promoting the private sector. they're about protecting the privileged sector. if you give any one of these guys the keys of the white house they will bankrupt the middle class again. >> i'm joined by "washington post" national political reporter karen tumulty and new york times caucus blogger. good morning to both of you. >> hi, chris. >> this is the joe biden democrats loved in 2008. naming names, taking no prisoners. you know, i think we're 235 days until the election. karen, are you at all surprised that he was out and relishing this attack role and naming names? >> well, joe biden is, you know, not just great at playing that traditional role of a vice president, as attack dog, but he has a way of, i think, connecting with middle class blue collar voters in a way that the president himself has really struggled. so i'm not at all surprised to see him out there because these are the voters that right now are getting hardest h
republicans to fall in line and by implication, get behind mitt romney. after romney made the rounds on capitol hill, tea party senator jim demint who stopped just short of an endorsement said this. quote, what i can tell conservatives from my perspective, i'm not only comfortable with romney, i'm excited about the possibility of him possibly becoming our nominee. i think we all need to look at the presidential primary and encourage the candidates to do a little self reflection here. what's good for our country. and then here's former presidential candidate michele bachmann this morning. >> there's a lot of fatigue among our party. they're tired of this. they feel like the vetting is happening, and they want us to kind of batten down the hatches and make the decision. >> i'm joined by matt miller, host of left, right and center, and "usa" politics reporter jackie kucinich. matters like nonendorsement endorsements? what are those? >> it's part of the whole co lessens that started with jeb bush yesterday, where the establishment is trying to signal it's time to wrap this up. they know
rubio endorsed mitt romney last night. >> i am going to endorse mitt romney, the reason why is not only because he is going to be the republican nominee. he offers such a stark contrast to the president's record. >> e.j. deon is a columnist and perry bacon an editor for the msnbc contributor. good morning to both of you. e.j., i was watching the entire interview. you heard what he just said, i am behind him because he is going to win and he is better than president obama. is that a ringing endorsement? >> it is not a ringing endorsement. i think what you are seeing here is sort of the last roundup in the republican race. i think wisconsin is the last roundup. rick santorum's original sin was losing control of his message the week before michigan. you really have a race where romney basically has the northeast. the southern states are anti-romney. the western states are split. all the tiebreakers were the big states in the midwest. romney won every sinlg one of those. if santorum can somehow pull out the victory in wisconsin, he could break that pattern. it would make things interesting.
. yesterday rick santorum talked outside of the supreme court. he took direct aim at front-runner mitt romney. >> there's one candidate who is uniquely disqualified to make the case. that's the reason i am here and he's not. >> let's bring in politico senior congressional reporter jonathan allen and huffington post senior political reporter amanda terkel. good to see both of you. jonathan, am i overstating it to say as political battles go, this one's pretty epic? >> this is an epic battle. most of the country was engaged in the original fight. the argument between santorum and romney over whether or not romney's massachusetts law disqualifies him is a pretty epic fight. and, of course, if romney is the nominee, and i think we all expect him to at this point, the fight over whether or not he can draw a distinction with president obama on this very animating issue is also epic. >> you could make the argument, amanda, that this is maybe one of the stronger arguments that rick santorum has, well behind in delegates, but this is well timed for him to say, look, mitt romney started the massachuset
soup can do. >>> it will be romney. the elephant has sung yet. but he's warming up. >> unless romney steps on a landmine, he's going to be the nominee. >> he has the money, he has the math. but apparently that memo hasn't gotten to rick santorum who's been emboldened by his primary win in louisiana on saturday and is vowing to stay in the race. >> they still want to see someone who they can trust, someone who's not running an etch a sketch campaign but one who has their principles written on their heart, not on an erasable tablet. that's what helped us deliver the win in louisiana. i think we're going to do very well up here in wisconsin as well. >> i'm joined now by molly ball and by nia-malika henderson. good morning to both of you. wisconsin holds its primary a week from tomorrow. santorum argues if he wins, he goes into this big three-week gap. there's not a single election and he does it with momentum and credibility. molly, is that wishful thinking or is wisconsin potentially important? >> i think it's a little bit of both. obviously it tells us something, it sends a signal any
, where this kind of system was tried, where governor romney is now running away from it tried this and put in a very similar system in massachusetts. costs have gone down -- >> costs have not gone down. >> they've gone down 40%, gone up by 14%. >> costs have gone up in massachusetts and that's been the problem with the program. >> costs have gone down by 40%. >> if you keep in mind what cbo said about the medicare program. clearly the payroll tax is not covering the explosion in the cost of the program. this is a major driver of our federal deficits. there are things we can do that will fix the program, preserve medicare and protect it. >> the cbo has said -- the congressional budget office who is non partisan said that the cost of this program, the affordable care act, obama care will reduce the deficit over time and will -- and the entire cost will be about $50 billion over 2012 to 2022 time period, less than was forecast in a forecast that would reduce the deficit. >> well, i have to dispute that. the congressional budget office came out with revised figures two years later
Search Results 0 to 41 of about 42 (some duplicates have been removed)